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Chiricosta &  Crea Law Firm 
The Chiricosta & Crea Law Firm uses the work of two young lawyers, respectively competent in civil and criminal. The study draws its action to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 on QMS (Quality Management Systems). Conform their activities to the current requirements for mediation (Legislative Decree 28/2010), privacy (Legislative Decree 196/2003), health and safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/2008), anti-money laundering (Legislative Decree 231/2007).
And 'with a software professional management firm, with systems for protecting customers' personal data, electronic mail and PEC, in accordance with the canons of modern ICT and CAD on digital communication (Legislative Decree 82/2005).
The law firm also has Chiricosta & Crea a network of outside professionals such as accountants, auditors, forensic scientists, technical consultants and private investigators, which relies in case of need.
The aim of the study Chiricosta & Crea is to get the client a certain result, fast and effective, without neglecting any of the possible tools, court, court or ADR, to achieve the client's interests.
Once you have identified the tools used, the strategy to use in practice is always discussed with the client, who becomes an active part in the resolution of his case, and not a passive spectator of the legal choices.
The customer must be understood, is not it the case that the approach is beneficial to the aseptic necessarily his professional examination. The expectations of a customer, whether natural or legal person, are characterized by feelings, states of mind and the moment of understanding becomes primary.
The pricing is commensurate with our mission: the extreme flexibility of the structure, the absence of internal bureaucracy, the coexistence of young professional companies allow us to make, out of court in the activity and advice, cost estimates tailored tospecific needs and expectations.
The quality of the service: we want all our customers are very happy with our structure. For this reason, the total quality is a standard that has always apply in all phases of our business.
From the first contact with the client until completion of their needs, our goal is to satisfy customers. So let us always new and better solutions to deal with the most total efficiency of our work so that we can always offer the best for people who use our facilities



Legal domicile
The firm provides Chiricosta & Crea a service to colleagues and private legal clearance from all over Italy and abroad for the District Court of Enna in matters within their respective competence of lawyers G. Chiricosta and G. Crea (civil and criminal).

The costs are adjusted to the clearance rate forensics, and usually coincide with the just rights of the prosecutors over charges, no travel allowance.

To facilitate clearance, we suggest you follow these tips:

- Also include our name in the warrant (Lawyer or Attorney Chiricosta or Crea, NOT "Studio Legale Chiricosta & Crea"): this facilitates the participation in hearings, without the need to post every time an appointment of a substitute, and exceeds certain possible exceptions procedural legitimacy, the rate profile, the colleague and the client are guaranteed by the economic agreements made at the time the clearance, if it is impossible or difficult to give a mandate to us, you must fill out an address for service in Our study made by hand and by the lawyer (in the case, we will give you the model);
- Do not send, unless absolutely necessary, documentation in the original, but copies; preferred whenever it is possible to communicate via certified mail (see tabs lawyers) compared to the fax and postal mail;
- Send us the instructions for the hearing if possible with an advance of 6 days, together with indications of the involvement of the dominus or less the same, so that we can prepare our weekly plan hearings;
- Tell us, at the time of first contact, the identity of the other party so that you can assess whether there are grounds for incompatibility;
- Let us know at the time we send a payment, if you prefer to invoice in the study or the final customer and merge its tax information so that we may immediately proceed to the billing and if necessary for the payment of withholding tax.


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